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“EV of WA installed a plug in preheater system which has improved my quality of life dramatically for this winter!.”
-Michelle Sanger -Oct 09′

“EV of WA modified my Ford Escort Wagon. I can get around town using no gas! They did an amazing Job!”
-Gregg Aanes -July 09′

“EV of WA Checked out our Miles EV and did a through job. They figured out why our tachometer was reading improperly and got us back on the road right away.”
-Aaron Sanger -Jan 09′

“EV of WA replaced our old battery pack and motor and got us back rolling around the Island in a timely manner. Than-x EV of WA!”
-Randy B. -Aug 08′

“EV of WA recycled my old sluggish battery pack and set me up with a new Discover AGM Pack with a SmartSpark balancing system for way cheaper than anywhere else I called around too! My Bombardier EV has not run this great since it was new!”
-Sasch G. -Feb 08′